How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs

Dog Hot Spot Treatment, Can You Use Human Eye Wash On A Dog?

Flea bites can cause bad itches particularly for dogs and this might develop into secondary skin conditions. Every dog owner should know how to handle infestations because they are a common problem. It is important for dog owners to know exactly what flea infestations look like, this includes the bites, the eggs and the insects.

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How to Treat Pyoderma on Dogs

Pyoderma is one of the most common bacterial infections found in dogs. It is usually caused by abundant exposure to the bacteria found on their skin and can be recognized by itchy and scaled skin including ulcers and pustules. It is normally found in dogs with low immune system due to any reason or living

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How to Treat Lacerations on Dogs

Lacerations on dogs can be of different sizes and conditions ranging from small and superficial to deep and wide open on any part of their body. These cuts and wounds can be due to various reasons including biting or running into dangerous things while playing etc. Though small and superficial cuts can be treated easily

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How To Treat Pyoderma on Cats

Knowing how to treat a disease becomes easy when you are aware of its cause, signs and symptoms and even its diagnosis. However, we always recommend you consult with your vet first. Before we look at how to treat pyoderma on cats, it is important to learn about these issues related to it. Pyoderma is

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