Vet Aid, Inc. is dedicated to providing pet owners and veterinarians with all natural products that effectively help protect against infection and nourish healthy cells in animals of all sizes.

We love hearing stories of how our products have helped. Here are some of those stories.

I used this product to cleanse and sterilize my dog's ear that suffered a major wound during a scuffle with our other dog. The ear has healed up nicely and the dog did not mind my spraying him with this. The Sea Salt Spray is an easy way to cleanse and treat a wound. It is a great first-aid product that I will keep handy for nicks and cuts that the animals might develop. I recommend this product highly.

I am using it on my cat's hot spots.....he doesn't run when he sees me coming with it, so that tells me it doesn't hurt and must feel good, unlike other products I have tried. He just sits there and lets me spray him, and they heal right up, until he starts licking in a different spot and we start all over again. But this works great, I will buy it again, and I have shared with all my friends that have animals! Thank you for a great product!!!

After my 103 lbs Rottweiller banged the furniture and walls with the cone collar THIS one works great. She can see where she is going and no she can't reach her stiches. What a relief.

I needed this product because my 1 year old Pitbull mix had to have two knee surgeries and we needed to keep her comfortable,quiet and away from the cast and stitches. The plastic cone we were told to use was easy to put on her but she was paranoid and managed to bang it against the knee and cause herself pain and discomfort. I heard about this type of collar and found it online. I read the reviews and decided it would be worth the money to get something that would calm my dog and keep her from licking the wound.