Flea bites can cause bad itches particularly for dogs and this might develop into secondary skin conditions. Every dog owner should know how to handle infestations because they are a common problem. It is important for dog owners to know exactly what flea infestations look like, this includes the bites, the eggs and the insects. After you have recognized that your dog has fleas then you should immediately start the treatment for bites, getting rid of the insects and talking preventative measures.


It is very difficult to see a flea bite on your dog, the following are useful symptoms that can help you to recognize them:

How to treat flea bites on dogs

It is important to note that the flea infestation should be treated first before the flea bites can be treated. This is because more bites will be experienced if the fleas are still present. Flea bites are red in color and can be characterized by itchiness due to allergic reaction. This means that flea bites should be treated with the right kind of medication, which suppresses allergies like topical steroids and antihistamines.

On the other hand, skin infections might occur due to the scratch wounds and bites, this can be effectively treated using Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray. This is a fragrance free, hypoallergenic as well as sterile animal wound care solution that provides a soothing relief to an array of dermatological conditions. Dog owners can spray the product directly on the affected area after every 5 hours i.e. 4-6 times daily. Allow the dog’s skin to absorb the solution for optimum results.

The application of regular doses of a good flea treatment is the best way to manage dogs with fleas, this should be done on a timely basis. This is because 1 or 2 bites is adequate for a dog that is flea allergenic to begin itching. Consistency with good flea control products is important in managing these pests. In addition, consider frequent bathing and spot-on-treatments as they keep fleas at bay until you can apply flea treatment.

The above insightful information clearly shows that how to treat flea bites on dogs because they make your pet uncomfortable and can result in an infection. No dog owner would like to see their dog undergo this kind of suffering so we recommend using Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray to effectively treat and soothe flea bites. In addition to treating your dog for flea bites, vacuum clean your home and wash the dog’s bedding as well as any furniture it sleeps on because these insects are known to get deep in fabrics and hide there for extensive periods.