Cleaning Dog Wounds

Dogs, especially puppies, are more at risk of bite by other animals since they usually approach wild animals or strange dogs due to their curious nature. But if your puppy is bitten by an unknown dog or wild animals then they can be at risk of rabies.

Bite by cats
Even cats can bite a puppy if they are unhappy for their harassing nature. They can puncture their skin under their fur with their needle like sharp teeth. Such bites by the cats can increase the risk of infection causing swelling and even the abscess on the dog.

Bites by other dogs
Bites from other dogs are most commonly faced by puppies. Bigger dogs, especially when they are in a group, usually consider little pups as their prey and become too aggressive for them. Sometimes wolf-like dogs, neighborhood dogs and even stray dogs can do serious damage to puppies.

The bites from other dogs are serious in nature every time. Their teeth not only puncture the skin but also tear the muscles and rip the skin of the victim dog by shaking his head repeatedly. They can also damage internal organs of the victim dog by tearing or bruising them, eye can come out of their sockets and fracture bones. The attack of other dog can also cause change in the personality of the victim as shaking him repeatedly can shock his brain by damaging his nerves.

The bites of other animals on a dog have to be attended by a vet only though you can prevent infections by providing him first aid, depending upon the severity of the wound. But now you can also treat your pet for bites on them by using Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray.

Treatment of bite wound
Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray is a product that can provide soothing relief from a number of skin related problems immediately as this wound care product is free from fragrance, hypoallergenic and sterile. This product provides the best healing treatment due to its balanced pH and the natural enzymes included in it.

Depending upon the severity of the wound you should spray this solution directly of the affected area 4-6 times in a day to after every 4-5 hours. You should allow it to stay on the affected area for better absorption and best results.

It is normally recommended by vets to take care of all types of wounds and skin irritations on animals as it helps gently in easing discomfort along with healing the wounds in a natural way. Also, it is safe, gentle and natural and supports the healing process of the wounds and infections on the body of animals without any side effect.

Most of the healing solutions available in the market kill bacteria of all types, bad as well as good. But Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray kills only bad bacteria and retains helpful bacteria to speed up the process of healing.