An abscess on a horse is when dead white blood cells or pus accumulates in the form of lump on the exterior or interior of the body of a horse. It can be caused due to an infection.

The body of a horse tries to isolate that infection with the help of its white blood cells that come together to fight with a foreign entity infecting the body of the horse. During this fight some of the white blood cells also die and accumulate in a closed and walled space inside the body to form a lump. Due to pressure build-up in this lump it is usually painful and inflammatory. With the passing of time this abscess can release pus after being ruptured.

Symptoms of abscess on a horse

A lump of abscess on a horse can be hot or tender by touch due to swelling under his skin. It can be recognized by lameness and secretion of pus from the lump.

Causes of abscess


A vet can easily diagnose whether a wound has become abscess on a horse, just by examining the affected part of their body. They can also recommend some other tests including blood test to ensure the presence of any other infection in the body of the horse. Sometimes abscess is caused due to the infection caused by a penetration into the skin.


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Application and use

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Many skin care products used on animal wounds contain materials that can kill the bacteria when used. But along with killing infectious bacteria they also kill bacteria that help in the growth of the tissues and healing of the abscess. Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray speeds up the healing process just by killing only infectious bacteria quickly and effectively.