If you have a pet bird, it is important to know how to take care of a wound on a bird, especially if you do not have immediate access to a veterinarian. Here are some of the common injuries experienced by pet birds.

Attacks from a dog or cat:

One of the most common sources for injuries to the birds is the attack of other animals including dogs, cats and even the birds larger than the victim. In such conditions you should try to stop the bleeding of your bird by applying some pressure with the help of gauze. In case the wings of the bird are broken in the attack what you should do is prevent any further damage and tie them loosely with the body of the bird. But while giving your bird first-aid you should ensure that they breathe uninterruptedly.

Broken blood feather:
When birds are molting new feathers come in. These new feathers are known as Blood Feathers. The bird can bleed extensively if these new feathers break due to any reason. You can easily save the life of the bird by providing them with first aid. You can remove the broken blood feather if the bleeding continues even after first aid. Now you can either take them to a vet or use an effective healing solution.

Bleeding toenail:
The toenails of the birds can bleed while trimming their nails. It is one of the very common bird injuries. Sometimes vets scratch their toe purposely to take sample of their blood for certain tests. Though it can be controlled easily by using an antiseptic powder but in case the bleeding continues then you should visit your vet for proper treatment.

Bleeding tongue:
Sometimes the tongue of the birds bleeds due to a cut on it. You should immediately bring them to the vet for proper treatment because you may not be able to help them much with this kind of injury.

If the bird is burnt accidently then putting the affected area under running cold water can help in soothing him for the time being. But ultimately you should take them to the vet for suitable treatment

Wound Care
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For best results this spray can be sprayed directly on injured area after every 5 hours or at least 4-6 times in a day, depending upon the condition of the animal. Instead of wiping it away you should allow it to stay on the affected area for better absorption of the solution to get the best results

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