Cleaning Dog WoundsLacerations on dogs can be of different sizes and conditions ranging from small and superficial to deep and wide open on any part of their body. These cuts and wounds can be due to various reasons including biting or running into dangerous things while playing etc. Though small and superficial cuts can be treated easily but in case of large and deep wounds you will have to take him to the vet after stopping his bleeding. Some tips for treating lacerations on dogs are provided here under to help guide you through but remember to always consult with your veterinarian first.

Assessment of the laceration
The first thing you should do is to keep yourself and your dog calm. A severe wound can distress your dog and increase his blood pressure which can increase the discharge of blood from the wound. When you are calm then before starting the treatment of laceration on your dog you should protect your dog and yourself from infection by thoroughly washing your hands and wear gloves.

Now is the time to assess the severity of his wound. If it is bleeding excessively then you should use a pressure bandage to stop the flow of blood. If you are unable to treat the wound due to its extreme deepness, then you should immediately take your dog to your vet. But if after topping the bleeding you feel that you can control the situation by giving him an emergency treatment then you can treat him at your home.

Usually lacerations that are not contaminated heavily and are detected within 6 hours of receiving injury can be treated at home. But if the wounds are on his eyelids, due to bites, deep injury on footpad, bleeding profusely, painful, larger and deeper in size, involve tendons, ligaments or muscles then it is better to take him to your vet as the damage can be more serious than it appears.

Treating normal lacerations on dogs at home
In order to treat normal lacerations you should first of all gather the supplies required including warm water to clean up the wound, dry and clean towel, antiseptic solution and clippers or scissors along with antibiotic ointment to apply on the wound after cleaning it.

Now, while starting treatment the simple lacerations of your dog you should first of all protect yourself by putting on gloves on your hands and using muzzle or a three feet long piece of gauze on your dog’ mouth, if he bites.

Now wash the laceration, after removing fur from the wound and around it with the scissors or clippers. After cleaning the wound thoroughly with lukewarm water you should wash it with a gentle antiseptic solution to avoid ant contamination. After rinsing the antiseptic solution you should dry it well with the clean and dry towel. We highly recommending using Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray on it. Just spray it on the wounded area every 5 hours. Also, don’t wipe it off after you spray it on, let it absorb into the skin to get the best results.

Normally such wounds are kept open for easy monitoring but in case of dog you can cover it with gauze as they can lick it.

You should monitor laceration carefully for 4-5 days. If it does not show any progress then you should immediately take you dog to the vet for proper treatment