How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking Its Wound

Some dogs usually like playing, others usually accompany their owners when going for an adventure and so on. Your dog might get hurt in the process and can have a wound on its body. Your dog might start licking this wound just the way it is fond of licking you once in a while. This […]

Can You Use Human Eye Wash On A Dog?

According to veterinary eye care experts, normally a call is received by every animal hospital almost every day from the owners or caretakers of pet dogs regarding the problems in the eyes of their dogs along with their concern about various other health problems of their lovely companion. They usually ask whether they can use […]

Aftercare Tips For Your Pet After Surgery

Surgery can be fearful and anxiety provoking for people and pets alike. The recovery process is simple, but for the first few weeks after surgery, your dog will likely require some special care. If you want to help your dog recover quickly, easily, and effectively you need to follow some routine. While surgery is an […]

Treatment for Parrots Biting Their Feet

It can be scary when you find out that your parrots have been biting their feet to a point where they start bleeding. You should always be alarmed when a parrot starts to self-mutilate. However, you should realize that the parrots’ feet are subject to infection since they are always perching on bacteria infected branches. […]

Horse Wound Treatment for Lacerations

Whenever your horse gets a scrape or cut, it is always best to make sure that it is attended to immediately, in order to prevent an infection, development of a complication, and hasten the healing process. Proud flesh is one complication that you really need to avoid. Also referred to as the exuberant granulation tissue, […]

How to Treat a Cat Puncture Wound

Cats normally jump around like they are invincible creatures but they are very susceptible to wounds and cuts just like the rest of us, particularly when they are outdoors. This is because cats can get involved some sticky situations including fights with squirrels, dogs or even other cats. Other ways they can get puncture wounds […]

Can You Use Peroxide on Your Dog?

Hydrogen peroxide, also commonly known as peroxide, is a common household chemical. It is used for various purposes such as a disinfectant and a bleaching agent. Many people also use it as a quick relief for various skin conditions on dogs. But is hydrogen peroxide truly the magical substance that people imagine it to be? […]

Treatment For A Dog Abscess

Abscesses are pockets of small puss, in the body, often noticed in dogs. They are noticed in mouth, skin, in-between toes and sometimes even inside the cavity of the body. In dogs, generally, there are quite a few types of abscesses. They can small and trivial to very harmful and large. An abscess usually appears […]

Know How To Treat A Horse With An Open Wound

  It’s not uncommon to see an open wound in a horse’s foot or any other body part since they even go barefoot over uneven and often rocky terrain. And any open wound, not only in a horse’s foot, can cause problems. Anyone who cares for horses will, at some point, have to care for […]

How to Treat Pyoderma on Dogs

Pyoderma is one of the most common bacterial infections found in dogs. It is usually caused by abundant exposure to the bacteria found on their skin and can be recognized by itchy and scaled skin including ulcers and pustules. It is normally found in dogs with low immune system due to any reason or living […]