Dog Hot Spot Treatment
Moist dermatitis, also commonly referred to as hot spots, is a painful skin condition that often affects dogs. It is a self- induced condition which occurs when a dog overzealously licks or scratches part of its skin. This causes the skin to break, and the moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

What Causes Moist Dermatitis?
Why does a dog continuously lick or scratch itself to the point of causing injury? One of the most common reasons is skin allergies, particularly flea allergies. Those small insects will have your dog scratch itself endlessly in order to find relief.

Another reason is humidity. Studies show that cases of moist dermatitis are most rampant during summer, or when there is a lot of humidity. Activities that involve water can also be the start of the endless scratching. Such simple things as swimming, taking a bath or even walking in the rain expose your dog to plenty of moisture which if not completely dried can cause hot spots. Here is how to treat moist dermatitis on dogs:

1.Clip Out the Hair

Treating moist dermatitis largely involves ridding the skin of moisture. The first thing you need to do is to trim the hair around the hot spot. If it is a small area, clipping the hair out will be enough. Be sure to use approved grooming clippers, not just any scissors. Ordinary scissors may end up doing more harm than good. If the area in question is not-so-small, you should consider shaving the hair.

Removing hair is important since it exposes the injured area to air which helps in completely getting rid of moisture. It also ensures that treatment reaches the injured skin rather than getting trapped in the hair.

2. Clean the Area
Cleaning helps to kill bacteria. This accelerates the healing process. You should use approved shampoo or an anti- septic spray to clean out the spot. Make sure to pat the completely area dry afterwards.

3. Apply Animal Wound Spray
After cleaning, it is now time to treat the wound. One of the best ways to do this is to apply wound spray on the hot spot. Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray is one of the best sprays on the market. This hypoallergenic and fragrance free spray will help heal the hot spots quite fast. It also offers relief against other conditions such as rain rot, proud flesh and lacerations. For best results, make sure to spray the affected area at least five times a day. Do not wipe off any of the spray. Instead, let it remain on the skin to cotinue healing the wound.

4. Prevent Further Licking
Treatment will do the dog no good if it doesn’t stop licking and scratching itself. You will need to take measures to prevent this from happening. Collars can help you restrict the dog’s movements, making sure that it doesn’t reach the affected area.

5. Treat the Underlying Cause
Finally, make sure to treat the real cause of the excessive licking and scratching. Is the dog wounding itself out of boredom? Find some interesting activities for it to do. Is flee or other skin allergy the problem? Make sure to completely rid your dog of all flees or whatever other allergen it might be. Too much moisture in the environment? Pat it completely dry to keep it from harming itself.

Moist dermatitis can be an exceedingly painful condition for dogs. If you notice that your canine friend is suffering from it, take immediate measures to treat it. You can follow the steps outlined above in order to do a good job.