Cats are loved by almost everyone due to their independent, unusual and funny nature. But most pet owners bring their cats less frequently than dogs to the vet clinic for their general checkup or even if they are injured or have some other health problem.

Cats usually have traumatic conditions caused by the wounds of bites due to fighting with other cats. But in such condition normally cat owners do not take their lovely companions to the vet to evaluate their wounds after fighting with other cats.

Though it is not compulsory for a pet owner to evaluate every bite wound of their cat when bitten by other cats as it is a common affair among cats still they should be aware of the importance of systematic treatment of these wounds by using antibiotics with the recommendation of a vet.

Why cat bites are a common injury?
The territorial nature of the cats is the main reason for the frequent incidents of cat fights and bite wounds. They have fighting behavior to protect their territory from other cats. Bite injuries are more common in male cats than female cats as they fight more frequently to retain their territory.

Reasons to treat bite injuries with antibiotics
There is a great risk of infection if the cat bite injuries are not treated in time. They should also be treated to avoid the chances of serious diseases and other health problems like systematic illness, sepsis or cellulitis etc. All these problems can be prevented by using antibiotics.

What increases the risk of infection in cat bite wounds?
The teeth and mouth of a cat contain bacteria like cavities in the mouth of any other living being. These bacteria are transferred to other’s skin when it is punctured by her sharp teeth. The bacteria get trapped into the skin as the wound of the puncture heals up rapidly within 24 hours. The infection is developed under the skin with the multiplication of bacteria. This infection develops into a closed pocket of infectious abscess as the bacteria attack the body after healing of the external wound

How to assess the injury of the cat?
Mostly you can assess the trauma and condition of bite wound of your cat just by seeing them. You can recognize her wounds by seeing matted or wet appearing fur somewhere or open wound of puncture on her body. You can also see the open scabs or wound under her fur by lifting up its matted or wet part. You can also check some of the common places on her body including tail base, head and rear limbs to find some wound.

Sometimes you may not be able her wound after few days of fight as the wound of puncture on the skin heals up quickly. But infection and swelling under the skin can appear on the scabbed small puncture wounds.

In such condition it is advised to use a quality antibiotic product like Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray to prevent as well as treat the infection in cat’s bite wounds.