Cleaning Dog Wounds
One of the common problems that affect dogs is sores. There are many factors that cause these health issues. They can result from an injury, medical condition, or allergies. When your dog has sores, you will both suffer. Your dog will feel the physical pain while you will undergo mental pain. You will not be at peace seeing your dog suffer. If the sore is left unattended, it will do more harm to your pet. Most dogs will scratch or lick it. This prolongs the healing process of the sore and may even cause an infection.

A basic understanding of what to put on an open sore on dog can be helpful to the owners. It will ensure you give the sore proper attention. You will be able to manage the sore easily. This will save you from incurring costly bills for a visit to a vet.

If your dog has a sore, examine the sore first. If your dog is in pain, you have to muzzle it. This will prevent your dog from biting you. Then clean the sore with an antibacterial soap. If your dog is the hairy type, trim the hair around the sore. This will give a clear view of the sore for proper care. It also ensures the wound spray you are about to put on the open sore doesn’t go to waste. Ensure you moisten the area before trimming. This will prevent inflicting more pain to your dog. Then use warm water to rinse the sore.

Then apply Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray. It provides an ideal healing environment by killing the bacteria in or around the sore. It stimulates skin tissue regeneration. This will help in proper healing of the sore. It’s effective and safe for your dog. You do not have to worry about your dog experiencing adverse effects due to its use.

You shouldn’t wipe off the solution after spraying. Let it be absorbed into the skin. You should also spray in intervals of 5 hours for four-six times. Ensure you sooth your dog as you apply the spray on the sore. Using this spray helps you to keep check for sore changes. You will also detect any change in behaviors or fever attack. Fever is a common encounter for pets with infections.

After applying the spray on the sore, leave it uncovered. You should consider putting a collar around the neck. This will prevent the dog to lick the sore, bite or scratch it. You want your dog to get back to the jovial moods. You don’t want any hindrances to its healing. You should take necessary precautions to ensure it heals fast. After you apply the spray and see no signs of improvement, consider seeking the help of a vet.

If your dog is suffering and you’ve been wondering what to put on an open sore on the dog, look no more. Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray can help your dog heal fast. Relief your dog the pain and get peace of mind by buying the wound spray