Cats are prone to being injured because of various reasons, especially while playing or when fighting. When a cat is wounded it is important to make sure that you take proper care of the wound so that it does not become infected and also to ensure the wound heals fast. The care does not necessarily depend on the magnitude of the wound because even a small wound can be infected and eventually cause a lot of problems. Here are some suggestions on what you can put on your cat’s wound.

Sterile Gauze
When your cat is wounded you should start by checking how bad the wound is. Sometimes the wound might be a few days old and might have started to produce discharges. Regardless of the wound you should make sure that you clean the wound using clean water. Before cleaning the wound, you should apply pressure on the wound. This will remove the discharge and will also stop the bleeding in case the wound is fresh and is still bleeding. When cleaning you should avoid using cotton because clothes made of cotton will have a negative effect on the wound. The cleaning should be gentle so that the cat does not feel unwanted pain. After cleaning you should let the wound dry and then apply the sterile gauze. You should then tape the gauze in place and let it remain in place for a few hours. If the cat is not showing any signs of improvement you should take the cat to your veterinarian for further observation.

Antiseptic Solution
If you have an antiseptic solution it also helps a lot in preventing the wound from being infected. You should just apply a solution that is not too concentrated so as not to have a negative effect on the cat. You should also avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the wound for these will damage the tissues. After applying the solution you should observe the cat to see whether it is making any progress and whether the wound is healing.

We recommend Vet Aid Animal Wound Care Spray. This particular foam performs like a natural bandage. It will protect the wounded area and at the same time keep a healthy surrounding for the wound to heal. This sea salt foam will work by assisting in the restoration of normal dermal conditions and ease discomfort caused by skin irritation. Some of the qualities that make this particular foam standout include that it is made using carefully selected ingredients that facilitate the healing process. The ingredients compliment each other to support the development of strong supple skin primarily on the area of the wound. To apply this patented sea salt foam you should use the tips of your finger to apply the foam on the areas of the wound. You should ensure the foam covers the entire wound and also the immediate surrounding areas. To get optimum result you should apply this foam about three to five times in a day or every five hours. Within a short time the wound will start to heal and the cat will be able to go back to its normal life. However if you still don’t see any improvement you should bring your cat to your vet for expert medical attention.