Abscesses are pockets of small puss, in the body, often noticed in dogs. They are noticed in mouth, skin, in-between toes and sometimes even inside the cavity of the body. In dogs, generally, there are quite a few types of abscesses. They can small and trivial to very harmful and large. An abscess usually appears in dogs with sudden agonizing swells. These soon become firm and soft to touch. At times, abscesses are formed inside the bodies of the dogs. It can be found in tissue but cannot be seen on the skin. Often, abscesses rupture and release a very foul smelling fluid, filled with pus.

Causes of the abscesses

Abscesses usually have numerous potential causes. But these are mainly caused when any wound gets infected. The bacteria, Pasteurella multocida causes these types of skin infections in the dogs. The bacteria Staphylococcus intermedius also cause abscesses. But these types of abscesses can be treated with medicated ointments.

Wounds which commonly get infected include injuries in the mouth due to any kind of sharp objects, or bite injuries from any other animals, or even ingrown hairs. Outdoor dogs usually are more prone to abscesses.

Other causes include any obstructed anal sacs, any type of blood infections which have resulted in the liver abscesses, any kind of tooth damage, ear, sinus, and even mouth infections which can cause the brain abscesses.

Symptoms of the Abscesses

Some of the potential symptoms of an abscess are listed below. These are:

Treatment for a dog abscess

Most of the external abscesses are easily treated by consulting a veterinarian. The treatment includes cutting or removing the abscess out for the proper drainage. Often, anesthesia is needed. Antibiotics can prevent any further skin infection. The anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed. This is done so that the swelling could be reduced. The area where the abscess has occurred should be strictly monitored. This is to be done to ensure appropriate healing. The dogs should be taken for the veterinary exams.

Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray comes with sea salt. It is fragrance-free, sterile and hypoallergenic. It takes care of the animal wound. The solution has balanced pH level and other important natural enzymes. With application 4 – 6 times a day, the wounds heal very fast.

For certain kinds of abscesses, the veterinarian may advise specific types of treatment, depending on the abscess. In case of the lung, the liver, or the pancreatic abscesses, the affected dogs may need surgeries. Most of the abscesses are removed or treated without any kinds of further complications. Usually, the internal abscesses are far more dangerous than the external ones. The internal absences can get ruptured and spread the bacteria very fast to other healthy organs as well as the body parts. It is important to know that the abscesses are treated thoroughly, as soon as possible by a veterinarian.