Stop Bite Animal Collar



StopBite is a patented protective collar that helps prevent dogs and cats from biting or licking wounds, bandages, etc. while preserving a natural sleep and eating position.Your pet maintains their peripheral vision, allows them to eat, sleep, play and smell that other restrictive collars don’t.

• Ventilated Collar
• Contoured Neck Design
• Velcro Straps & Buckles
• Safety Reflectors
• Hook for Leash
• Soft, Durable Materials
• Machine Washable
• Available in multiple sizes


The StopBite collar is a unique and well designed collar that provides a useful alternative to traditional E-Collars and other devices. The StopBite collar is a very valuable tool in controlling a pet’s ability to reach an injury, especially with other methods have failed. It also is very comfortable for the pet and much less cumbersome for the owner.