Vet Aid’s unique, patented, the all-natural formula works in harmony with your animal’s immune system to promote safe, soothing healing.

Vet Aid Spray and Foam contain two key ingredients; Lysozyme and Coral Reef Sea Salt.

The patented formula used to create our Vet Aid line of products is a sterile solution comprised of reverse osmosis water, coral reef sea salt, and lysozyme. Vet Aid is an all-natural product that was produced to clean and heal wounds without using harmful antiseptics and disinfectants. Antiseptics and disinfectants kill bacteria, but they are also harmful to healing tissues (they are damaging to migrating and regenerating epithelial cells), and the inflammatory cells that debride necrotic debris and harmful bacteria. The goal of Vet Aid is to kill microbial invaders and provide essential minerals to enhance cell growth and repair resulting in a faster healing time. This formulation is also the optimum environment for the lysozyme to work most efficiently. It helps increase blood flow at the affected site it provides the essential elements and minerals that are used as cofactors for enzymes used for repair and new cell growth.




Lysozyme is an antibacterial enzyme that occurs naturally in all human tears, saliva, mucus, and milk. Lysozyme was discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Alexander Fleming, who also discovered Penicillin. Lysozyme targets bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone. The good bacteria help accelerate the healing process.



Sea Salt has over eighty trace elements & minerals, which are essential to cell regeneration. It creates an environment where the Lysozyme can do its job most effectively.