It’s not uncommon to see an open wound in a horse’s foot or any other body part since they even go barefoot over uneven and often rocky terrain. And any open wound, not only in a horse’s foot, can cause problems. Anyone who cares for horses will, at some point, have to care for a horse with a cut or wound. The vet should see large cuts and lacerations, and if you are unsure of its severity, it is better to be safe than sorry. You should always be ready to give your horse the first aid it will need at any particular time. You should do this as you wait for your vet to come to administer a medication to the wounded horse.

The possibility of lameness is the worry if it’s in the foot also. An open wound can carry infection. This can result in an abscess. An abscess can take time to heal. All this means downtime for your horse. Having established that your horse has an open wound in a foot, what can you do about it?

Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray is best for cleaning open, clean cuts or wounds. Just apply it around every 5 hours and let it absorb into the skin and make sure not to wipe or rub it in, just let it absorb naturally. If you don’t have immediate access to this product then use water from a hose, sprinkle some water to the wound. This cannot be directly applied to the wound in case any debris is deepened deep into the cut by water pressure.

Treating an open wound in a horse will depend on how long ago it happened. If it’s recent, say within a few hours or a couple of days ago, everything may well be quickly resolved if you treat your horse with the homeopathic medicine Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray. Animals and horses are no exception, are very well away from what they need. If you have the right medicine to resolve the issue with you, when you show your horse the bottle, they will tend to lick it, nibble it, look expectantly at you or in any other way, using body language, show you they think it’s a great idea.

If this medicine is unlikely to be the correct one, your horse will tend to turn away. Bear in mind, that if you haven’t ever asked for your horse’s opinion before, they may take a bit of time getting used to the idea. But once they know they have an input, they will be very open and give obvious signals, if you look out for them.

If the open wound is more than a few days old, ask your vet for a more curative medicine that will help you manage the problem before it develops further. You must always be keen when showing your horse the bottle, for their input. You don’t want them to get carried away and bite the bottle, especially if it’s glass. Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray can be the best cure for an open wound in hoses.