Dog Hot Spot Treatment
Pyoderma is one of the most common bacterial infections found in dogs. It is usually caused by abundant exposure to the bacteria found on their skin and can be recognized by itchy and scaled skin including ulcers and pustules. It is normally found in dogs with low immune system due to any reason or living in moist and warm environment. We always recommend consulting with your vet first but it is always good to know what do  if they are not readily available. This problem can be eliminated effectively by using antibiotics. The following will help you know more about this infectious disease for dogs and its treatment.

Symptoms of Pyoderma in Dogs
They are similar to various other skin disorders like:

Causes of Pyoderma in Dogs
The bacteria residing on the skin of dogs can be the main cause of Pyoderma but there are certain other conditions also which can cause itchy and scaling skin or discoloration if the skin of the dogs. Some of these conditions may include disorder in autoimmune system, allergic reaction, suppressed immune system, physical damage of the skin and moist and warm environment etc.

Diagnosis of Dog’s Pyoderma
The pyoderma in dogs can be diagnosed by the vet after their full physical examination along with focusing on their health history and symptoms of the problem. During physical examination your vet can collect the samples of the infected skin for its microscopic investigation to diagnose the problem more accurately.

Treatment of Pyoderma
While starting treatment of pyoderma in your dog you should first of all shave the area around infection to know more precisely about the damaged portion. It will also make it easy to clean the skin with some good antibacterial solution and absorb the medication ultimately used on it for its effective cure.

After cleaning the infected area with a quality antibacterial medicated solution you should dry it completely with a dry and clean towel. Then you should apply a good antibiotic ointment on it, we recommend Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam.

Your vet can also suggest you to give antibiotic baths to your dog at least for 2-3 times in a week for few weeks until his problem of skin infection is resolved. They can also prescribe some oral antibiotic medications for few weeks to increase the speed of recovery from clinical lesions or pustules. While treating pyoderma for your dog your vet can also suggest some more medications if your dog has some underlying conditions like skin allergies, imbalance in hormones etc. You should follow the guidelines of your vet to avoid recurrence of pyoderma.

Recovery from Pyoderma
You should keep your dog in a quiet and comfortable place in your home and provide the water and food required to them during the period of their recovery so they can get better quickly. Along with it you should follow the instructions of your vet regarding giving them antibiotic baths and topical and oral medications to ensure the complete elimination of the infection.