Your home will always be lively when you have a cat as a pet. They require care and you must ensure they are healthy at all times, just like you would for a family member. If you neglect your cat, they might acquire some infections that can cause hot spots which may cause your cat to become restless. You may notice that your cat is always licking themselves and think that they are grooming. Licking, scratching and biting their skin may be the cause of hot spots. Other causes may be a result of flea bites, allergies and sometimes fungal infections caused by ringworm infestation.

Signs of hot spots
If you observe these habits, you must realize that this is not normal and you must take the appropriate precautions to promote your cat’s health. This may cause swollen parts of the skin, hairless spots which may produce odor and even ooze. Sometimes you will realize the cat has red skin from inflammation. Matted fur may prevent you from noticing the hot spots, and it is also painful when you touch them. If they continue licking and scratching, the wounds might become worse and cause the cat to start losing fur which may pose health risks and other infections.

How to treat hot spots on cats
The first thing you should do is shave the matted fur area. It might be difficult and force you to sedate the cat to have a clear look at the extent of the lesion and how deep is the skin infection. This also helps the skin to heal fast after treatment. The next step is cleaning the skin especially the part of the hot spots for preparation.

We recommend Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray if the hot spot is a wound. If the hot spot is a rash or the skin looks red and irritated, then use Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam. This treatment is effective and needs to be repeated for some time till the wounds heal completely.

Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care products produces fast reactions on the hotspots making the parts dry out within a few days. It is hypoallergenic which contains no fragrance that may cause negative side effects. These products have been lab tested to provide instant and comforting relief for various dermatological conditions. The medication is certified for usage on the cats and other animals. It contains balanced sea salt saline with natural enzymes that promote maximum healing conditions when used as recommended.

The directions for use is very easy as you need to apply on the infected parts 4 to 6 times a day or after every five hours for perfect results and you should not wipe off till it absorbs completely into the skin.

Prevention of hotspots
You don’t have to wait till your cat develops the hot spots infection. There are several measures you can apply, and one of them is getting a regular check up with your veterinarian. Any infections will be diagnosed early enough, and if your vet finds any issues then they can take of it. Another important thing to do is to ensure your cat lives in a clean environment where you always perform a thorough cleaning and emptying the litter box. Feed your cat on clean dishes every time and train it to adopt some simple practices that can help prevent some of these infections.