Cleaning Dog Wounds

The hot weather and summer is welcomed and enjoyed by many people. However, this weather comes with its negatives too. Sunburn is one negative that many people face during those warm months. Most people assume sunburn can only affect people. Your beloved dog can also be affected too. There are measures that one can put in place to avoid this. If it’s too late, do not worry. There is always a solution. Below is a guide on how to treat a dog sunburn.

To treat dog sunburn, you have to know the signs first. They are:
Dry skin and red skin
Leather-like skin appearance
Whitish skin

If your dog has these symptoms, it’s time to find a sunburn treatment.

What are the different types of Dog Sunburns and how are they treated?
Treatment of dog sunburn depends on how severe it is. Below are the 3 types of dog sunburns and their treatment.

Superficial partial thickness
This type occurs on the top layer of the skin. Your dog’s skin appears red when they experience this type of sunburn. In superficial sunburns, your dog should be washed. Then apply Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam. The foam plays the role of a natural liquid bandage. It protects the injured tissue while maintaining a healthy environment for healing. It will ease the pain and discomfort your dog may be experiencing. You will apply it 3-5 times daily in an interval of 5 hours.

Deep partial thickness
This sunburn affects the surface layer of your dog’s skin. The effect may reach deeper layers. The skin turns red and more than one skin layers are visible. If your dog has been affected by deep partial sunburn then you must bring your dog to the animal hospital or veterinarian immediately. Intravenous fluids are administered for hydration. Depending on how severe the burns may be, bandaging may be necessary.

Full thickness
This is a painful type of sunburn. It goes through all skin layers. Its impact may extend to the tissue below the final layer of the skin. The treatment option for this type of dog sunburn may include dressing. The case may be too severe to warrant for performing a skin graft.

When should you seek vet advice?
Dog sunburn is a small issue that you can handle on your own. All you need is Vet Aid’s  Animal Wound Care Foam to take care of the wounds. If you notice more than one of the skin has been affected, it may be time to seek professional advice. Check for any pain occurrence. If you are not sure of the situation your dog is undergoing, go for a checkup.

You should take the health of your dog with the seriousness they deserve. The same way you try to protect yourself from sunburns during the hot months, protect your dog.  Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam can make your dog stay fit during such times. Remember if your dog sunburns are not treated, your dog may be prone to skin cancer in the future.