Is your dog suffering from a severe or minor wound and you’re not sure about the best treatment option for using on your pet? If so, these treatment tips will be crucial with your dogs needs. Studies have proved that dogs especially those that spend most of the time outdoors can easily get wounded. In case you pet is having a large wound, it is very essential you take them immediately to a vet. However, if your dog is slightly wounded, use the following techniques as discussed to treat them:

Your dog will definitely be in pain once wounded. It is therefore ideal you wrap your pet carefully in a towel before starting the treatment procedure so that you can keep them still when giving them first aid. This is important because your dog is likely to bite or scratch you when you touch her especially when suffering from pain.

Step #1: Carefully Examining the Wound
Look if the wound your dog is having is minor or serious. If you realize the wound is somewhat more serious, consult a vet in your area immediately. However, for a minor wound, start the treatment process by cleaning the affected area.

Step #2: Cleaning the Wounded Area
In order to speed up the healing procedure, you should first clean the wound as well as the surrounding areas gently in order to get rid of sticky or crusty debris. Basically, this will ensure the wound edges are clean and thus significantly reduce the possibility for re-infection occurring. Cleaning the wound will enable also the development of new healthy tissue to take place quickly.

After cleaning the wound, we recommend Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam. Just apply the foam 3 to 5 times a day. This foam is a medical product in form of a liquid bandage. It is meant to offer protection on your dog’s injured tissue by providing an appropriate healing environment. All the ingredients used to make this form are derived from natural products and therefore the product does not produce negative effects ones applied accordingly.

Step #3: Observing the Progress of the Wounded Area
After treating the wound, keep your dog indoors so that tjeu can be close to you most of the time and enable you have an easy time observing her. The wound will begin showing signs of healing after a few days. However, if you realize the wounded area is worsening, seek for the advice of a reputable vet.