Some dogs usually like playing, others usually accompany their owners when going for an adventure and so on. Your dog might get hurt in the process and can have a wound on its body. Your dog might start licking this wound just the way it is fond of licking you once in a while. This can be detrimental.

Some people actually believe that the mouth of a dog is cleaner than that of a human being and that a wound that is licked will heal quickly. However, this is not true. You will note that the dog’s mouth is usually dirty due to many reasons. Your dog might have spotted a rotten trash or spoiled food somewhere and ate it. Others even eat other animal feces. This means that the mouth of your dog is likely to have some bacteria. In this case, you should prevent your dog from licking its own wound.

You will realize that if a dog licks its own wound, that wound might take time before healing. This can be detrimental. Licking can actually remove stitches and cause the incision to open. The bad news is that licking can be a bad habit that is difficult to stop. It can cause more infections as the mouth has bacteria. However, there is a solution for you. You should consider getting a Stop Bite Animal Collar by Vet-Aid for your dog. You will note that this collar is protective collar that helps dogs and cats from biting or licking wounds.

The good news is that this collar will enable your dog to sleep and eat properly even when wearing it. Your dog will have the freedom to play and do other activities while wearing this collar. There are many advantages of getting this collar for your dog. These include:

  1. It is ventilated.
  2. It has safety reflectors.
  3. It is soft and more durable.
  4. It can easily be washed using a machine.
  5. It is available in multiple sizes.

Depending on the size of your dog, you can get either a small collar or a large collar. Besides using this collar, you can keep your dog busy so that it does not become idle. You will note that once it is idle, it will start licking its own wounds. This can make these wounds to take long before healing. You can use this opportunity to teach it important tricks and so on. You should not allow it to be idle especially if you are at home. You can play with it while ensuring that the injured area does not get hurt. These steps can help the dog’s wound to heal faster. In addition, this wound will not get infected by bacteria. Your dog will also not bleed since it will not be interfering with the wounded area. If you want to buy a Stop Bite Animal Collar by Vet-Aid click here. This collar will help to ensure that the dog’s wound heals without being disturbed. This collar is truly effective. You should buy one for your dog today