Dog Hot Spot Treatment

It’s very natural for dogs to play with other dogs, however they may get careless from time to time and accidentally injure each other. If they happened to get punctured, here is what you need to know when it comes to cleaning a puncture wound in your dog.

You need to follow any instructions your veterinarian provides you regarding wound treatment and cleaning. Some bite wounds will be sutured, some still left open, it’ll rely on lots of factors like the location and depth of the wound. There are a few basic options for cleaning bite puncture wounds available, continue reading to find out more.

Dog’s Perspective
A puppy that has just received a bite puncture wound has several issues. Number 1, it hurts! Any cleaning and dressing of the wound or disturbance with surrounding cells should be conducted carefully in order never to cause your pet more discomfort. Subsequently, your wounded dog may be traumatized and agitated by the occurrence that brought on the wound.

A disturbed, annoyed dog that has just experienced an event can be challenging to cope with situation. They may hesitate or even behave aggressively, lashing out at anyone aiming to help her after obtaining a bite accident. You need to monitor your pet for signs or symptoms of stress and act tightly and softly to reassure, quiet, and use your pet to have the wound cleaned and treated and offer ongoing wound health care.

Stop blood loss and clean area
If veterinary attention is unavailable, or unavailable immediately, stop the blood loss from the wound with pressure and then clean the region with warm water or saline.

Remove hair
Apply water throughout the wound and use scissors or electric clippers to remove hair from the punctured area. The lubricant will get loose hair so that it does not go into the wound and cause contaminants. Lubricant and head of hair may then be wiped from the wound to eliminate it.

Flush puncture
Flush out the wound with saline solution. This is implemented with a syringe and given to the wound to flush out rubble and bacteria inside the puncture wound.

Clean area
After the puncture itself has been flushed out, use a wet washcloth, gauze or Egyptian cotton balls soaked with ordinary water, saline or a cleaning solution just like a surgical scrub to completely clean the tissue about the wound. Avoid the utilization of hydrogen peroxide or massaging alcohol, which may damage tissue.

Dry out and apply wound care spray
Pat the region dry delicately with clean, dried up gauze or a clean towel. Apply Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray 4-6 times per day or about every 5 hours. Then apply a clean gauze packing or allow to drain if wound can be stored clean and particles and contaminant-free. This technique should be repeated 2-3 times each day. Seek veterinary attention when possible.