Don’t you love to see your dog always happy and playful? And while we wish our dogs are like this all the time, sometimes they might get a hot spot, which might make them feel uncomfortable and less playful requiring us to do a dog hot spot treatment.

When a dog gets a hot spot as a consequence of bacterial infection, it might feel itchy which will result in licking and excessive scratching.

Eventually, that will lead to an undesirable sore on your dog. Seeing your dog with a hot spot can make you worry and concerned. However, the infection can easily be treated by using Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Foam or Animal Wound Care Spray for dog hot spot treatment.

These products help your dog naturally heal while relieving it of pain and discomfort and the good part is that it is safe, natural, gentle, and supportive of body healing process.

How does Vet Aid Spray and Foam Work?
These two dog hot spot treatments have coral reef sea salt, reverse osmosis water, and lysozyme. Unlike antiseptics and disinfectants, which not only kill bacteria but also inhibit the process of natural tissue healing, They clean, heal wounds, and aid in the natural healing of your pet’s infected area.

The way these products work is it first attacks and kills the bad bacteria, while the coral reef salt provides essential eighty trace minerals and elements that promote cell repair and growth, leading to the soothing of the irritation and quick healing.

Moreover, they help to increase the blood flow in the hot spot providing the area with necessary minerals that stimulate and speed up the enzymes responsible for repair and new cell growth.

How to use the spray for foam
To effectively treat your dogs infected area you need to first remove the hair in and around the affected area. This is helpful as it prevents the wound from growing bigger and getting worse.

Also, this will prevent the hair from being trapped in the wound by pus, which can make the healing process take more time.

Disinfecting the wound; in this stage, you will clean the dog’s hot spot and use either Vet Aid’s Wound Care foam or spray. If the hot spot is a wound use the spray. If the hot spot is a rash or the skin looks red and irritated, then use the foam. This will help to ease the discomfort of the dog and facilitate the healing process.

Prevent your dog from scratching or licking the hot spot so that the hot spot is left alone which is essential to healing. You can restrain your dog from licking and biting the affected area by using an E collar.

Monitor the healing; always make sure that you regularly check on your dog and apply the spray or foam as directed. However, in the unlikely event that your dog does not heal and the infection seems to get worse visit your veterinarian.

While hot spots can make your dog feel very uncomfortable and itchy, your timely intervention by using Vet Aid’s Wound Care Spray or Foam can help soothe the irritation and result in a fast healing process. If you notice any early symptoms of a hot spot on your pet, get yourself Vet Aid’s Wound Care Spray or Foam and do a dog hot spot treatment as early as possible.