While taking out your dog for a walk or just a hike deep into the trails, there are various precautionary measures that you usually take to protect yourself. One of them is wearing quality sneakers to protect your feet from all sorts of injuries. But, what about your dog? Their paws will be exposed to all forms of dangers. In case of anything out there, the paws will be the first body parts to take a beating.

Do you know that the health status of a dog’s paw can be used as an indicator of the dog’s health? For this reason, they need to be given utmost care and attention. Here are various scenarios that can affect the paws and the care that you must take.

1. Physical injuries
Paws are the most common body parts that are at high risk of getting physical injuries. There are various causes of injuries and most of them happen when you are outside with your dog. Your dog can get pricked by a sharp object. Prolonged exercises on an unfavorable surface can also injure the paws. If your dog accidentally steps on a hot object, it will definitely get injured.

Since it is quite easy to notice wounds caused by physical injuries, the first step that you should take is to wash the affected area soaked warm cloth. This will help to keep out infections. You can then cover the area with a tape then visit the vet for further medication.

2. Liver Complications
There are various causes of liver complications in a dog. The most common ones include cancer, accumulation of toxins, side effects of certain medications among other factors. Paws can get affected by the complications in the liver. They can start developing blisters, ulcerations, get chronic infections, become extra thick among other signs. Given that the liver plays a critical role in the digestion process, a problem on this vital body organ can deprive the paws of essential nutrients.

Problems caused by liver issues usually require specialized treatments including a surgery. However, you can take preventive measures such as giving your dog a proper diet.

3. Allergies
The most common symptom of a dog that is having an allergic reaction is severe feet irritation. Some of the allergens that can affect a dog include pollen, mites, mold, some types of food and even medication. The dog may respond to the allergy by chewing the paws or peeling off the skin on the affected area.

The best way of treating an allergic reaction is identifying its cause. This can be done with the help of a professional vet. Once the cause has been identified, you may be recommended the most appropriate treatment such as Vet Aid’s Animal Wound Care Spray which is a highly recommended solution for your dogs dry or cut paws. This is a potent spray that can be used to cure various problems affecting the paws including open wounds, declawing, rain rot, lacerations, hot spots, and proud flesh. It contains powerful but safe ingredients. It is capable of delivering results faster without causing any allergic reactions. It has natural enzymes that create perfect conditions for healing.