How To Treat Skin Injuries On Dogs

Open wounds in the dog can range from minor cuts on a broken glass to bite injuries to deep, life-threatening flesh wounds such as after a traffic accident. Even with smaller, harmless-looking cuts and bite injuries, it is always advisable to see a veterinarian. Even if the wound externally appears small and bleeds only slightly, […]

How You Can Help A Horse Wound Heal

As a horse owner you understand a lot of work goes into caring for them. You should ensure that you feed it and provide them with proper shelter. You should not subject it to the harsh weather elements. Horses normally get hurt from time to time. It is actually inevitable that your horse will get […]

How To Treat Bug Bites On Dogs and Cats

It is possible to treat insect bites on your family pet in many ways. Despite the fact that prevention is the most effective remedy, on most occasions that’s not feasible. But you should be aware of the most typical insect bites that can affect your pet and also how to take care of them. Fleas […]

Caring For Your Dog’s Dry and Cracked Paws

While taking out your dog for a walk or just a hike deep into the trails, there are various precautionary measures that you usually take to protect yourself. One of them is wearing quality sneakers to protect your feet from all sorts of injuries. But, what about your dog? Their paws will be exposed to […]

How To Treat A Wound On A Reptile

Reptiles are animals too and they get injured while on their daily routine. It is in the owners best interest to look after the well-being on their pet reptile. Whenever you find an injured reptile, you should act immediately and call an expert who can help and save the reptile. If it is a dangerous […]

Treatment for a Cat Wound

Is your cat wounded and you’re hunting for an ideal treatment procedure to use to treat them? If so, the treatment for a cat wound tips covered in this article will help you and your cat. Cats, particularly those that normally spend most of their time outdoors can be susceptible to cuts. There are many […]

How To Treat Abrasions On Cats

Cats are usually very cautious and meticulous creatures. They will not jump on one edge if they are not sure if, for example, they will carry their weight. However, accidents occur and you’ll be able to handle them. You need to know when you get your cat to the vet immediately and when your cat […]

What You Need To Know About Cat Fights and Bites

Cats are loved by almost everyone due to their independent, unusual and funny nature. But most pet owners bring their cats less frequently than dogs to the vet clinic for their general checkup or even if they are injured or have some other health problem. Cats usually have traumatic conditions caused by the wounds of […]

How to Treat Puncture Wounds in Horses

A puncture wound can be extremely dangerous in your horse if not treated correctly in time. It is mostly caused by a sharp rock, nails, broken glasses or bottles, metals and many other sharp objects. These objects are often dirty and may end up causing infections that can be fatal to the horse. A puncture […]

How To Treat An Infected Wound On A Dog

The kind of treatment you give a dog with an infected wound has to do with the nature of the wound, the part of the body the wound is located, etc. Certain areas like the eyes, ears, teeth, reproductive organs, usually require immediate attention. Not giving an infected wound the attention it requires may lead […]