The Advanced Barrier System

State Of The Art Packaging Protects Your Safety And Investment

Vet-Aid Spray’s patented formula is packaged under sterile conditions. The state of the art can contain an interior lining that prevents bacteria or any other airborne particles from contaminating the contents. The 360-degree nonaerosol dry mist sprayer is ozone friendly while the package itself is recyclable.

Vet-Aid Spray is packaged in a hermetically sealed, FDA compliant pouch that keeps the formula separated from the compressed air. The patented pouch consists of a laminated structure of polypropylene on the contact side, a center layer of aluminum foil and a polyethylene terephthalate outer layer.

ABS Advantages

  • Maintains total product integrity and extends shelf life
  • Allows all altitude (360-degree) dispensing of the product
  • Overall performance characteristics are excellent for many hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • 100 percent inspection minimizes any bag defects
  • Pregassing with a post gassing pressure check minimizes micro leaks
  • 60-70% utilization of can volume, better than any other barrier pack
  • Evacuation up to 99+%
  • Contents are hermetically sealed for the life of the product
  • Quiet, non chilling product discharge